Thursday, September 23, 2010

Deathly Hallows trailer

You know, when the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone came out, my oldest was a little too young to read it.  Still, we got through it, and read all of the books as they came out, though he became less interested as time went by.

Now the oldest has moved out, the next oldest boy was 'too cool' for Harry Potter, and the girls have all moved over to the Twilight crowd. Oddly enough, their grandpa also likes that series...go figure. So now it almost seems like I'm the only one wanting to see Harry Potter through to the end (though I've already been there in book form).

The last movie, Half-Blood Prince, was the worst adaptation of the series (so far, though to be fair the book on which it was based was [to me] the least interesting of the series [It could have been a few chapters at the end of the 5th book, or the beginning of the 7th, but anyway...]) The last book was very exciting, IMHO, and I loved the way Rowling handled the whole, "Will Harry Potter Die?"

But with the kids not interested, the poor quality of the last movie, and the fact that Deathly Hallows has the same writer and the same director as Half-blood Prince, I really thought this was going to be another movie series I couldn't stomach seeing to the end. Then I saw the newest trailer for Deathly Hallows.

Harry (Daniel Radcliff) is now a young man, and perhaps as such he reminds me a bit of my nephew, who is currently a marine recruit in boot camp. That would explain why watching the trailer I felt a desperation in Harry's fight against the forces of evil. Or the weight of him possibly losing Ron and Hermione's friendship.

The bottom line: I have to admit, the trailer was emotional, inspiring, and, children in tow or not, I will definitely be going to see the new Harry Potter movie.

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  1. wujuuu seeeeee yeahh
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