Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bad Communication Between Cars

No, I’m not talking about that middle finger. I’m talking about doing something other drivers don’t expect you to do. Like passing an exit at 90 MPH and then deciding you need to zoom over the median and jump onto that exit you almost missed. I got news for you: you missed it. But don’t worry, there is another one a mile or so up. You can take that exit and work your way back.

It’s even more stupid (and dangerous) when you’re in the carpool lane of an 8 lane freeway and decide you need the exit that is 500 feet away, so you make a right turn on the freeway without using your blinker, moving out of the carpool lane in a non-designated area, crossing 7 lanes of traffic and running over the $500,000 Highway Beautification Project to take the H Street exit…only to find out you needed the J Street exit anyway. Nice going, Mr. Wheeler. Why can’t you be more like Mr. Walker?

Source: Dallas Transportation Blog
So use your blinkers to let others know what you’re intending to do. Change lanes safely. And when you see someone turn on their blinker, that doesn’t mean speed up so they can’t get in front of you! Share the road with others. Leave enough room between cars.

Don’t drive like there is someone waiting for you at your destination, drive like there is someone at your destination waiting for you.

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