Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I don't know why, but my family constantly sends me spam - most notably my mother and my sister. Since much of it is political, I wonder if maybe they're trying to convert me - but whatever.

I guess I should start by saying I am an apolitical socially progressive fiscal conservative (read: Marc is all over the map). My mother and my sister appear to be hard core republicans if not tea partiers. Usually I just try to avoid the politalk because I don't think it gets me anywhere except smack in the middle of Argueville. However, when my family sends me emails - even spam - I at least glance over it to see what it's about.

The thing is, whenever it is political, it's not just info or opinion, it is flat out bashing of any democratic candidates or office holders (current or past, doesn't matter). Every email I receive demonizes democrats, as if having one in office will bring about Satan's rule on Earth. And whenever I fact check any of it, it's always half-truths or complete lies.

What I wonder is, why does this always seem to be the Republican/Tea Party tactic? I'm not saying that there are not lies floating around about Republicans or Tea Partiers - but I have never seen a Republican or a Tea Partier demonized in spam. I hesitate to say it, but it makes me think they don't have any substance to offer, so the only thing they can do to make themselves look good is to make everyone else look horrible.

I have to be wrong. I just have to be. But I haven't found the proof. Anyone?


  1. You mean you haven't seen ANY bashing regarding Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman? I'll fwd any I get to you :) You'll see more conservative bashing when Reps are in power again, whenever that may be.

  2. No, I've seen Palin and Bachmann get slammed, usually for having said or done something incredibly stupid (Paul Revere rode out to warn the British? The founders worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the US?). But I haven't seen them demonized through lies. The most recent email I got was about Social Security. Obviously I can't show the email here, but the Snopes article about it can be seen at The intent of the email is to make republicans look like great leaders and democrats like evil scum, and yet the truth is much different.