Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Motorcyclist with a Death Wish

Let me qualify this by saying that my dad rides a motorcycle, and I wish had the guts to ride one, but I like my guts on the inside, thank you very much. I’ll stick to riding out in Glamis. Bikers are hard enough to see and easy enough to smear all over the road when they are driving safely. If they drive like idiots, they’re really asking to meet their maker.

Brad Pitt during unsafe
lane splitting (Examiner)
Bikers: you are allowed into the “carpool” lane, and you are allowed to “split lanes,” but you must still do both safely. Lane splitting is legal for a biker because their engine is air-cooled (with no radiator, they rely on air flowing over the engine to keep it from overheating and seizing up), but just because you can split a lane does not mean you should. Only split lanes when traffic is moving slower than 35 MPH, and never go more than 10 MPH faster than the cars you are passing (if you do something stupid and startle me, it may legally be my fault that I ran you over, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have to order off McDonald’s I.V. selection and have a nurse change your diapers for the rest of your life).

Enter and exit the carpool lane only in the designated spots (see more tomorrow).

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